Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby come back. You can blame it all on me.

Lately I've been lamenting the lack of really good new bands to my husband. It seems new bands these days are either some cheap derivation, a marketing scheme, or a desperate attempt to pass "performers" off as musicians. (Yeah, it sounds like I'm coming from old fart land. Actually, I'm not yet 30, so that isn't it. I think I know what it is. Oh yeah. GOOD TASTE. Take THAT, Vampire Weak-end. I'm sorry, what was that? Why yes, I AM a music snob. And no, I don't mind if you have a go at my expense. I thrive on conflict and whiskey.)

It isn't too much to ask, is it? Some decent new bands? Yes? It IS too much to ask? FUCK.

Well, in a related development, I've decided to post a list of the bands that I would love to see reunite. Some members might be dead, yes, but this is my dream and you can't crush it! Seriously though, this is a list of bands that were truly unique and are no longer creating music. And it makes my soul weep.

I'm sure there will be some of you to take issue with my choices. I planned it that way. So feel to hold back and not tell me how you feel in the comment section.

Soul Coughing.

In a rare reverse reveal, I'm giving you my number one choice for band that I would most love to see reunite. I'm giving them more than just a listing-type shout out because these guys were amazing. They took several distinct genres and created a sound that just wasn't around before them. I've seen them described as "slacker jazz," but seriously, come the fuck on. They are part funk, part hip hop, part spoken word, part jazz, part rock, and all awesome.

Here is a hokey video with the lyrics of the song. Just listen, don't judge.

Mr. Bitterness

True Dreams of Wichita

Ok, so here is the bulk of my list for "Baby Come Back."

Pink Floyd
Stone Temple Pilots
Black Flag
Acid Bath
The Kinks
The Smiths
Talking Heads
King Crimson
Rage Against the Machine
Dead Kennedys
Luscious Jackson
Faith No More
The Fugees
10,000 Maniacs
Black Sabbath (with Dio, please)
Guns N Roses
Mazzy Star
Deadboy and the Elephant Man

You can clearly see my musical leanings.

And then, of course, my number two choice for reuniting has to be Uncle Tupelo. I pretty much "became a woman" listening to these guys. They combined the best parts of my Southern country upbringing with some much needed rock sans the country pop shite. I love my alt country, and UT embodied the best of it. Here are a couple of tastes of UT, for you unfamiliars.


Atomic Power

And just because I'm that much of a dork, here is Uncle Tupelo's last show, last song: A rocking cover of Gimme Three Steps with The Bottle Rockets. Historic.

AND because he has a pretty awesome sense of humor, here's Jeff Tweedy talking about a run-in he had with Jay Farrar while in Mexico after UT broke up.

I love him.


TK said...

Well, seeing that Uncle Tupelo is literally my favorite band ever, I can find no fault with this.

Except for the Smiths. Guh. Blech. Pass.

Otherwise, you are, as usual, spot the fuck on.

Lux said...

Brilliant list.

I saw STP perform at the Hollywood Bowl two months ago- I don't know if they are putting out another album but it was such a surreal concert because I never thought I'd see them perform considering how long ago they broke up. I'd like to see Kyuss reunite, but I prefer QOTSA or Desert Sessions so I can't complain too much. As far as The Fugees is concerned, I think Ms.Hill has her head too far up her ass to ever give that a go again- she's pretty much destroyed her relationships with Wyclef and Pras from what I've heard...what a shame.

MelodyLane said...

Stone Temple Pilots

As much as I love STP, I have to admit to the obvious issue with them reuniting. Scott Weiland's drug problem. The man should have 2 million frequent rehab visitor miles by now.

Rage? Oh yes please. Tom Morello is one of the greatest guitarist of all time.

Excellent work

Felicia said...

THANK YOU, good list. Do you mean reunite with all original members? Not sure if it's all the original members, but Rage just played Lolla and they are playing here (MN) during the RNC next week. I heard that Scott Weiland just cancelled a recent show because he passed out or some shit like that, I was dying to see them too though.

Dexter Morgan said...

I agree with your sentiments. It's up there with the state of what is recognised as Hip Hop these days. I miss Fishbone and Living Color.
Oh yeah, I agree with TK. the Smiths? Shut your whining pansy mouth Morissey!

Jez said...

I could pretty much live without all those bands in the list except for Uncle Tupelo (who I could tell you stories about - in fact, in my Southshore Ramblings blog, I spilled it all) and Black Sabbath WITH DIO. Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules are classic albums that I really do need to buy in their entirity. Other than that, I really can't add to bands I'd like to see back together. Usually, I believe that they live the length they live and then go when they need to. Unfortunately, most bands should go long before they do. STP? People, please! I saw them in concert in Pensacola circa 1997, and the only reason I went was because Cheap Trick said it best. In fact, in a radio interview prior to the show, Rick Nielsen said something that fits this post best. When asked, "You've seen a lot of bands come and go, haven't you?" to wich Rick replied, "Yes I have, and I love watching them go..."

Anonymous said...

Luscious Jackson! I wish for their reunion too...

Guy said...

King Crimson
Faith No More
Soul Coughing

Three of my all time faves. No doubt (not the band).

King Crimson is still touring, I believe. Fripp will revive the name until he can't go onstage because his pee-bag is full, but nothing will ever compare to Lark's era KC.

Faith No More lost too much when Martin was booted. They still rocked ass, but the Guitar Gods were too pissed to let them once again approach Angel Dust greatness.

And finally, Soul Coughing's demise could only be slightly compensated for by Doughty's solo work. Recida welcomes it's prodigal son.

Boo said...

TK: Yeah, I can see how The Smiths aren't your cup of whiny. But I still heart them.

lux: Agreed with the Kyuss sentiment. QOTSA do satisfy my Josh Homme shakes, and Lauren Hill is completely mental. Maybe Erykah Bady would be a better substitute for the Fugees.

melodylane: True, Scott is one of the more extreme cases of functioning addict (functioning being used very loosely), and I would pop out a Tom Morello baby any day. And I don't think my hubs would have a problem with it.

felicia: No, thank YOU.

dex: Fishbone! Oh yes.

jez: At least there is a little common ground there. I love you for your contrary-ness. And I haven't even heard the word "contrary" since Mary Poppins, so you know it must be true.

anon: a Luscious Jackson reunion would be heaven in my girl-lovin' pants.

guy: Doughty does save me from killing myself sometimes. And there is no hope for FNM without Martin.

N said...

Might I nominate Cake, their original lineup from their first album. "Motorcade of Generosity" was simply amazing first track to last. I want that back.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong and stupid. I'm kidding here, but some of that sentiment is true. Yes, the bands you mentioned were brilliant, but I have to maintain that some of the new bands coming out today are equally brilliant. You just have to be willing to part with the synthesizer. Cold War Kids? Band of Horses? They're fantastic, and I think you're not giving them a fair chance

Boo said...

Anon: Hee! Thanks for that. Ok, I just listened to both Cold War Kids and Band of Horses, and they are both good, BUT they are still that altern-pop sound that is incredibly prevalent right now. They are good; they just don't sound that original to me, that's all.

Don't get me wrong; I do like music coming out right now. It's just been so long that I've heard anything that has been truly unique or rocked my ass, you know?

n: Cake! Yes.

Anonymous said...

The Misfits (77-83)


TK said...

Anonymous directly above me is officially in my cool book.

Also, Faith No More? Tied with UT for all-time favorite band.

Guy said...

Agreed. And Tomahawk don't cut it.

Cake. Lost it for me with that disco remake. Became a cliche of themselves.

Not on the list because they are still working - Flaming Lips. Screaming inside that they might tour here.