Friday, August 1, 2008

Party of One, Table in the Corner

It's Friday. There's booze and music and even a little embarrassing dancing. Shit gets busted, confessions are made and someone just might piss hisself. It's a party, right? Well...sorta. But this is a party of one. Drinkin' alone outta loneliness. Drinkin' hard outta heartache.

It's a blues party.

If you're sittin' around, cryin' 'bout it, you mights well do it right. I just hope this little playlist gets you off on the right foot.

Little Boy Blue--Bobby "Blue" Bland
Ask Her for Water--T-Model Ford
Stay All Night-- Buddy Guy
Big Fat Mama--Mississippi Fred McDowell
Little Brown Hen--Snooky Pryor
You Set Me Free--Snooky Pryor
Gospel According to John--Soledad Brothers
Penthouse Pauper--CREEDENCE!!!
The Devil Jumped The Black Man--Lightnin' Hopkins
Pony Blues--Honeyboy Edwards
61 Highway--Mississippi Fred McDowell
Sugar Bab--Pink Anderson
You never Miss Your Water--Lightnin' Hopkins
Blues In The Bottle--Steve James
Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues--Skip James
Sweet Home Chicago--John Hammond
It Serves You Right to Suffer--John Lee Hooker
Baby Please Don't Leave Me--Buddy Guy
Old Black Mattie--R.L. Burnside

This is in no way meant to be a "blues greatest hits" list. It is merely a little list that got me through last Sunday. It took me from pillar to post. I cried. I drank. I hollered. I drank. I broke a chair. I drank. I said fuck it. I drank. I felt holy. I blacked out.

In fact, the only artist on this list that really needs a soap-box freak-out is Buddy Guy. Buy Sweet Tea. Here's "Baby Please Don't Leave."

Just fucking buy it and get off my back.


kelsi said...

i think r.l. burnside might also deserve a soapbox freakout.
but oh, buddy guy. buddy guy.

add some etta james to this list and i think i'm ready to go drink until i can't hold my head up and then put my face on the table and weep.

Jez said...

Cool selection for a video. I just might have to get that album. What's that funky wobbly sound, is that an effect on the bass, or the guitar?