Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Har Mar, not just another strip mall

The first time I saw Har Mar Superstar live was at Grand Old Day, which is St. Paul’s annual kick off to summer. The day was slightly overcast and the second this sex machine took the stage the sky opened up and let its tears of pure joy out upon us. It was just the universe’s way of telling us that an amazing show was about to happen.

Har Mar has the looks of Ron Jeremy sprinkled with Tiny Tim and the voice of a young Michael Jackson laced with some Stevie Wonder. Along with that visual, add to it the fact that he routinely performs in spandex and/or just his tighty whities. The second time I saw him live he pranced around stage in his full pale glory with a dollar bill stuck to his sweet sweaty chest.

His stage show isn’t all there is to talk about though. The man behind Har Mar, Sean Tillman, is an extremely talented musician who writes his own music and also fronts the band Sean Na Na. It’s always very refreshing to find a musician who has the complete package: a great stage show, a great voice and great writing skills. He also does a great cover of Alone Again Naturally on his album The Handler.

Jimmy Kimmel Live performance of Power Lunch and Sir Duke

Body Request video


Chele said...

awesome. there is just something disgustingly sexy about it all

Felicia said...

Chele-I know, right?