Thursday, August 21, 2008

wave your hooks in the air

we know hardcore. we know grungecore. we can accept that these words are mashups of some musical style and "core" - indicating that it's, oh, got heart? really determined? kinda stupid? one of those.
basically, it was something like this, with some grinding angry punk in the background:

so, with all that as background, perhaps you've outgrown other cores. or maybe you're so young that the majority of your exposure to glen danzig has been via aqua teen hunger force. (myself, i prefer to think that if that's the case, you're too young to read. but i'm starting to realize that the whippersnappers are now, like, old enough to win 8 gold medals in the olympics. for f's sake, you guys, michael phelps was born in 1985!) ahem. anyway. perhaps as you've started your musical evolution, you've mused about your place in the world: i'm a hip kind of fella or lady. i like pirates. i like music. and i like to shake my booty. in short, you've asked yourself... what about piratecore?
this is all, of course, assuming that you're like me.
maybe one day you were bored at work, and you put the words "pirate hip-hop party" into google.
you clicked around.
a new musical obsession was born, and his name was captain dan & the scurvy crew.

now, i won't even begin to claim that it's mature. but all of my musical selections needn't be for the tennis-and-cocktails crowd. in fact, few to none of my selections are for the tennis-and-cocktails crowd because such a crowd is by and large comprised of douches.
it is, however, smart, funny, wicked entertaining and above all, unlike anything else i've ever listened to. i mean, really, anyone who can rap about "cause a fuss with my blunderbuss" has got my heart in a serious way.
add to the wit a pretty decent level of skill, and you've got something i can only call "a winner."
you can download the full album here. don't be a whiner, pony up a few bucks. because seriously, having this much piratecore in your life is totally worth it.

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