Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love this man

Do you love soul music with a modern and hip twist? Jamie Lidell is a hot, hot, hot English nerd and I am madly in love with him. You probably recognize his song “A Little Bit More” from American Target commercials. But I’m telling you, the rest of his stuff is head and shoulders above that sold-out song.

I just saw Jamie Lidell live at Lollapalooza and it only solidified the fact that I have a major crush on him in more ways than one. At one point I looked over at my friend and she had her shirt up exposing her...covered breasts. My other friend even entertained the thought of tossing her panties on stage. This guy can sing from the depths of his soul, beatbox and look good in a cropped tuxedo jacket, a cummerbund and blue dress pants. A nice touch to his newest album, Jim, in the liner he writes stories behind each song instead of the actual lyrics. "All I Wanna Do" from the same album is gut wrenching and tear-worthy. Just revel in his beautiful music for yourself.

Mulitply from the Multiply album

Another Day from the Jim album

Hurricane from the Jim album


em said...

I second the love. He's friggin' amazing and I'm glad he's getting a bit more attention now. Thanks, Target!

Boo said...

ah, this is fantastic! thanks for the intro; i needed someone like him in my life.

Felicia said...

Em-I think I want to marry him!

Boo-I need someone like him in my bed!