Thursday, July 10, 2008

"You bruised up both your knees while rifling through women's jeans"

I discovered Tilly and the Wall one fall night two years ago at Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, home of grime, great rock shows and tater tots. Tilly and the Wall uses a tap dancer in lieu of drums, and as a former dancer myself I have great respect for this. She taps the entire set without missing a beat and it’s an amazing thing to see. It also gives their music a special something that doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve ever heard.

The tapping isn’t just some gimmick though. Tilly and the Wall also have two bad ass female vocalists and catchy melodies. Bottoms of Barrels was their second album, and it’s an album I can listen to beginning to end over and over again. Bad Education, Sing Songs Along and The Freest Man are the standouts. The album is full of dance beats and lots of soul.

Tilly just came out with a new album, o. I’ve only heard the first single, Pot Kettle Black, and it has more of an edgy vibe to it. It actually reminded me of The Sounds, a really great Swedish band who you should also check out.

A funny thing happened that night at Triple Rock, and whenever I hear Tilly I’m reminded of it. As I was enjoying the tapping pleasures of Tilly and the Wall, I needed to take a piss and proceeded to the can. My friend came with and we hogged the handicapped stall since that’s what classy drunk ladies do. We were chatting about how impressed with the show we were and I dropped my drawers and went to sit on the porcelain throne. This is when I realized how in the moment I was because instead of sitting on the toilet like a normal person, I went all the way down and my bare ass slapped the dirty grimy floor of The Rock. We laughed and laughed and laughed and my vagina hasn’t been the same since.


Boo said...

Grimy Vagina! HA ha ha ha ha! There is nothing worse than touching your 'jay to something nasty!

I love that she taps the beat. It sounds like castanets, and gives it a very cool sound. And I love the keyboard/accordion sound.

Great post. Love it!

Megan said...

HAHAHAHA! You said vagina! Gosh that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life. Great post!

Felicia said...

boo-For real!! It was more hilarious at the time, but the aftermath had me worried.

Megan-I'm glad I'm able to be hours of endless entertainment for you, haha!

kelsi said...

awesome, awesome contribution. i may be a little in love with this band.
or maybe a lot.