Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more accordion

Just a quickie. I gotta stump for some homeboys: Josh Lederman y Los Diablos. I've been listening to them all day after they came up in a Pandora playlist. I won't rehash their website (click here), but I'll say a few things.

First, if you like the Pogues, the Old 97's and the accordion, you'll dig this band. Lotsa drinkin'. Lotsa heartache. Losta jig-worthy tunes. I'm still not sure if it's to their credit or their, well, discredit, but the four records that I've had lined up back to back to back to back are extremely consistent, sounding like one very, very long LP. But it doesn't ever get monotonous as they mix the waltzes and dirges up with the doodly doodly music (as a friend's proud Irish American father categorizes all St. Patrick's Day tunes).

However, if you have to start somewhere try this: The Town's Old Fair. These guys tend toward the autumnal. Hard lessons learned. Often times, they've learned these lessons in the bottle or the sack. I can endorse both methods. Your Bluest Friend is a sad little drinkin' number and I've Been Down So Long is just flat drunk. Fish's Eddy is a bouncy tune, set to the time of screwing on the road. If you're from the Boston area, you'll enjoy this for all the local spots mentioned.

But my favorite song on this disk is The Olive Tree. I could jig all day long to this song:

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Jez said...

Are we all drunks on here? I don't think that any of these posts (save TK's "Screaming" one) gets written without mentioning the drink.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.