Friday, July 11, 2008

desolation boulevard? sensation boulevard!: glitter city party time!

(the ark, one of us is gonna die young)

hello, mes petits party animals. i hope you've got your platform boots handy.
you see, i understand. i know. sometimes, you want to get it on old school dance party style, and i can totally respect that. i have even, on occasion (usually after-three-vodka-tonic type occasions) been known to partake of such festivities.
on the other hand, sometimes you want to party like a strung-out glitter kid, and this is the kind of party that i'm here to help you get started. in a world full of partiers (party-ers?), it takes all kinds to well and truly hoover up giant piles of illegal substances.
glam, as a reactionary movement coming out of the super-earthy sixties, was (and remains) a celluloid dream of space travel, science fiction, futurism, glitter, sex, drugs and really fantastic shoes. in other words, glam is just like my life. (by the way? if you're in los angeles this weekend, please go to this, and then tell me about it. i'm really curious.)
so, i've put together a little bit of a beginner's playlist to underscore your sexually ambiguous romps this weekend - or any weekend you may feel the urge. some of these are, uh, glitter anthems, if you will. you and your skinny, skinny coked out friends will be able to shout along with them.
others are maybe less classic, but no less glamorous. (or is it necessarily glamourous in this context?)
for your listening pleasure, may i suggest:

young americans • david bowie
virginia plain • roxy music
jeepster • t. rex
filthy/gorgeous • scissor sisters
clamour for glamour • the ark
let's get physical • goldfrapp
lust for life • iggy pop
bang a gong (get it on) • t. rex
walk on the wild side • lou reed
jean genie • david bowie
lollipop • mika
black betty • ram jam
ballroom blitz • sweet
friday night • the darkness
good old fashioned lover boy • queen

like i said, it's a bit of a beginner's list. there are certainly some glaring glam omissions - but it's a party list, not a genre list - and in terms of getting the party started, i think it'll do just fine. now go feather your hair, strap on some spandex and show me how fabulous you really are.
or, more simply, please to enjoy mika:


Boo said...

HOLY fuck yes. Um, ok, I'm just gonna through this out there, but we should really consider it: A "Music is the Message" event, where we all spin our playlists. This would be a great great party.

Love all the T.Rex in heee-ah! And clearly the Bowie. :)

Jez said...

Holy shit, who are The Ark?! All I got to say about that song is that it's the greatest tune I've heard in a long time! Thanks for getting me started. I've been looking for this kind of music, but didn't know where to go.

I have to say the search was started with a weeklong love affair with Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes" album. While the title track is nice, I like "Sucker", "Mama's Little Jewel" and "One of the Boys" moreso from that one. It's worth its own post.

Well I grew my hair just to scare the teacher...

kelsi said...

boo - that *would* be a kickin' party.
and bowie. oh, bowie. it's impossible to pick essential glam party bowie, i realized, because it's all so different.

jez - the ark is (are?) fantastic. and swedish. sweden is also responsible for the band i'm from barcelona, which, while not glam, is also fricking fantastic.
mott the hoople is one of those glaring omissions to which i had to resign myself. "sucker" is a fantastic song, though.

world at large - i was clearly high when i posted this originally, so i've, um, done some editing. apologies to any early readers who caught my lameness.

Felicia said...

Holy shit, great post Kelsi!! I love me some Bowie!

Jez said...

I forget which one of you fine ladies is from Minneapolis, but there was a band in the early 90's called Elysian Fields (there was another band that made it big in the mid-90's with the same name, but it's not the one I'm talking about) who released a CD and would do a cover of "Sucker." That's how I found out about it.