Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A little something I discovered today

So here I am sitting around on my "mental health" day listening to my iTunes, when all of a sudden it starts playing a song that I've never heard before nor do I have any idea how it got on my playlist. I have a lot of random shit on my iTunes, and I swear music just pops in like fricking magic.

The song that starts playing is "Stake Your Claim" by Eli "Paperboy" Reed and a surge of excitement rushed through my body. It was the same feeling I always get when I discover new music that I know I will have a love affair with for the rest of my days. My stalking skills instantly kicked in and I went searching for anything I could find on him online. Unfortunately there is barely anything out there except for his pretty empty official site and his MySpace page. Apparently he's from Boston, and if you liked my post on Jamie Lidell just throw in a little Otis Redding and you get Eli Reed. We've seen the female throwbacks like Amy, Duffy and Adele. It's time to recognize the guys who are doing it bigger and better.

"Am I Wasting My Time"

"Am I Just Fooling Myself"

"Stake Your Claim"


TK said...

Argh! Stupid Youtube blocked at work!

I shall check this out when I get home, because everything mentioned (Redding, Lidell, Boston) are right up my alley.

Felicia said...

TK-Why does work have to get in the way of such important things??? WORK BLOWS!!