Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They Call It Rebel Music

For the most part, this is not a political blog. It's a musical blog. But it's foolish to think that the two shall never meet. Music has always been an important part of history, of politics and of the national and international landscape. Music has been both revolutionary and a tool of revolution.

To think that the election of Barack Hussein Obama last night was not a revolution of some sort is to misunderstand the scope and importance of it. So I figured I'd do a little post today on music about the revolution, about change and politics and all of the great things that music can show us about the world around us.

Bob Marley - Rebel Music:

Public Enemy - Brothers Gonna Work it Out:

The Beatles - Revolution:

Flipsyde - Someday:

Living Colour - Fight the Fight:

Tracy Chapman - Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution:

Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

How about Scorpions' Winds of Change. I never really listened to the words of that song until yesterday when I was driving home from work and it was on the radio. That's when I knew he really was going to win.

Jez said...

"Winds of Change", really? You knew he was going to win from that bad Scorpions song? I don't know if I could feel good about that song. I'd feel better with Cindy Lauper's "She Bop."

Yeah-hey they say I better get a chaperone...because I can't stop messin' with the danger zone

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! With all of it's cheesyness aside, the words of that song were like a premonition of Tuesday night (except for the German words since I have no idea what they mean). And then, during his acceptance speech, seeing all those people looking up at him, I knew that they knew, "Winds of Change" man!